Seed's 13th Annual Christmas Exhibition Posted on 26 Oct 21:25

This year's Christmas exhibition will be held at at Studio One Toi Tū, 1 Ponsonby Road, Auckland. Please join us at 10am on 24 November for the preview!

Link here to read more

Preview: 10am - 5pm Saturday 24 November

Family Workshop: 2:30 - 4:30pm Saturday 24 November

Open: 9am - 7pm Monday 26 & Tuesday 27 November (closed Sunday 25 November)

Ahead of the Curve

Every year since 2006, Seed has invited a diverse group of artists to respond to a specified template, with past projects including wooden balls, crosses and stars. This year, 30 artists will create original artworks with 300 custom-cut plywood semicircles. The selected artists have each been given 10 templates and an open brief. Works are accessibly priced at $100 apiece and the event provides a rare opportunity for new and seasoned collectors alike.

$10 from each piece sold will go to Seed Gallery's ongoing charity partner, KidsCan. Through practical means, KidsCan helps disadvantaged Kiwi kids to reach their full potential and create brighter futures for themselves.

 Link here to read more


Annie Sandano's South Sea Orbit Posted on 7 Jul 17:00

Annie Sandano in her Whitianga Studio

Having been based in the UK for the past year, Sandano recently returned to her Whitianga studio where she has expanded on her ongoing series of hoop paintings, collectively titled South Sea Orbit.

For each piece, Sandano works within a personal codex of colours which reference specific sites in New Zealand. While her colour choices are vibrant and playful, the finished pieces are underpinned by a strong sense of order founded on repetition, sequence and symmetry, and a meticulous attention to finishing.

These works herald exciting developments within Sandano’s practice as her opportunities abroad abound.

CLICK HERE to view the new works

Seed Styled by Evie Kemp Posted on 1 Jul 09:00

In the first of a series of collaborations we recently invited artist, designer and stylist extraordinaire Evie Kemp to work with a selection of works from our stockroom.

Evie integrates art, books, plants, vases and soft furnishings into sumptuous “more is more” scenes, while her unexpected combinations introduce humour and élan into the environments she curates.

Here she deftly incorporates art (and whimsy!) into a liveable domestic space. Among the artworks she worked with are a new collection of fantastical ceramic figurines by Mark Rayner and a series of colourful striated hoop paintings by Annie Sandano.

Details of all artworks are listed with each image.


Top shelf: Through the square window by Kate Banazi.

Shelf 2: Worried Possum & Smoking Dog by Mark Rayner, Take advantage! & Untitled by Sarah Williams.

Shelf 3: K' Rd by Annie Sandano, Crow 4 by John Appleton, Coneheads by Mark Rayner.

Shelf 4: Crow 10 by John Appleton, Green BearHappy Cat by Mark Rayner, palette two by Sarah Williams.

Mantelpiece: Glamourpuss by Mark Rayner, Table: Butte by Janna van Hasselt

Annie Sandano, Mark Rayner Mark Rayner, Sarah Williams
K' Rd by Annie Sandano, Happy Cat Smoking Dog by Mark Rayner. Glamourpuss by Mark Rayner, Untitled works by Sarah Williams.


We're turning over a New Leaf Posted on 17 Sep 09:51

Seed’s 12th Annual Christmas exhibition will open in under two months! This year we have challenged 30 of our favourite artists to create original artworks with 300 custom-cut plywood leaves.

We are pleased to announce KidsCan as the charity partner for New Leaf, with $10 from each piece sold going to the charity. Through practical means, KidsCan helps Kiwi kids living in hardship to reach their full potential and create brighter futures for themselves.

The exhibition will be held at Allpress Studio, at 8 Drake St in Auckland City. Please join us at 6pm on 8 November to celebrate!

30 artists, 300 artworks, $100 each

For further information, email

opening: Wednesday 8 November at 6pm
exhibition: 9 – 10 November 2017
open 10am – 3:30pm daily
at Allpress Studio
8 Drake Street
Auckland City
Facebook / Instagram: @seedgallerynz

Cimmerian Rhythm by Louise McRae opens 27 June at grey Posted on 30 May 18:00

Louise McRae’s exhibition takes its name from an ancient, mythical people said to have inhabited a land of overwhelming, perpetual darkness. There is a ritualistic, almost atavistic quality to her process - the splitting and painting, the burning and rebuilding - which calls to mind age-old philosophies around purification and renewal.

McRae talks about destruction and reconstruction and finding meaning in the process of reconciling these exploded parts. But the axe and the flame do not solely destroy; they also open up the process to chance and allow the natural characteristics of the wood to sing. The heat of a fire gives the wood a unique texture and a velvet-black surface which is a perfect counterpoint to areas of rich colour or iridescent foil. When split, shards of wood break along the curvature of their grain, forming the contours that bring movement to the finished pieces.

The finished works paradoxically speak of human impact, labour and repetition, but also of the forces of nature and patterns of growth in the natural world.

preview the exhibition here

Please join us at the preview from 5pm on 27 June 2017

at grey, 37 Scanlan St, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Just in from Rome: Annie Sandano's works for Seed Gallery’s KidsCan exhibition Posted on 30 Nov 14:01

We are delighted to have received Annie Sandano’s pieces for Seed Gallery’s KidsCan project, a series titled Colour Harmony which she has produced during a stint in Rome. 

Link here to view and purchase online

Colour Harmony works in progress 

Sandano has spent the better part of 2016 on an art-immersion tour of Europe, broadening her horizons with a series of artist talks, seminars and practical workshops; and visits to museums, studios and galleries. From June to July, Sandano took part in an oil painting workshop in Florence, expanding on her time spent at the Australian Print Workshop earlier this year by adding another set of skills and techniques to her repertoire. She also enjoyed a visit to Edition Copenhagen printmaking studio, a lithographic print studio in the city which invites artists to produce editions using their expertise and facilities. Below: images taken during Annie's painting workshop in Florence.

A Sandano in Florence Annie Sandano in FLorence Annie Sandano in Florence

Annie counts Milan, London, Venice, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Madrid, Bologna and Lisbon among the centres she has visited… And the tour continues; in January 2017 she will commence a month-long residency at a print workshop outside of Barcelona. We wish Annie well and welcome the exciting developments within her practice. 

to the point Posted on 19 Nov 09:21

30 artists, 300 artworks at $80 each

CLICK HERE to link to all available works

preview: 5pm 19 November at NorthArt

open: 10am-7pm 20 November & 10am-4pm 21 November

online sales from: Sunday 20 November

location: NorthArt, opposite the Library on Ernie Mays Street / College Road, Northcote, Auckland

Every year, Seed Gallery invites 30 artists to respond to a specified template. This year we have chosen an ambiguous wooden shape which could represent a petal, a teardrop, a map pointer or a speech bubble, among many other things. The selected artists have each been given 10 locally produced templates and the latitude to create whatever they wish.

As the charity partner for this exhibition, KidsCan will receive $5 from the sale of every piece.

A new venue and a new cause for Seed’s 11th annual Christmas exhibition Posted on 27 Aug 21:14


We are pleased to present the shape for our upcoming Christmas exhibition and to announce KidsCan as our charity partner, to receive $5 from the sale of every piece. KidsCan exists to meet the physical and nutritional needs of disadvantaged Kiwi kids so they can engage in their education and have a better chance of reaching their potential in life and we are delighted to be able to support them.

Every year, Seed Gallery invites 30 artists to respond to a specified template; past iterations have included wooden balls, crosses, hoops and stars. This year we have chosen an ambiguous wooden shape which could represent a petal, a teardrop, a map pointer or a speech bubble, among many other things. The selected artists have each been given 10 locally produced templates and the latitude to create whatever they wish and we await their creations with much anticipation!

The exhibition will be held at NorthArt, opposite the Library on Ernie Mays Street, Northcote, Auckland,  with ample free parking available in the Northcote Shopping centre carpark on the corner of College Road and Ernie Mays Street. Guests can look forward to enjoying a selection of Invivo wines at the preview on Saturday 19 November - be there at 5pm to celebrate with us.

For further information, please email

opening: Saturday 19 November at 5pm
exhibition: 19 - 21 November 2016
open 10am – 4pm daily
at NorthArt
Norman King Square
Ernie Mays Street, Northcote, Auckland
Instagram @seedgallerynz

Artist spotlight: The Talented Mr Rayner Posted on 10 Jul 10:00

Seed is pleased to present a new collection of weird and wonderful ceramic figurines by Mark Rayner. Mark’s works are informed by fantasy, hyperbole and often the absurd or abject. He transgresses social norms and combines beauty and vulgarity in careful measure in subversive creations that never fail to amuse.

MR_Happy Cat  MR_Merman

Mark is a true Renaissance man and his interests are diverse, as his many and varied occupations attest.
Mark and his brother Paul run Rayner Brothers Gallery in Whanganui, where they show their own work along with guest artists.
Mark is also a playwright; his play, 'The Pin-up Boys', is due to be staged by the Ellerslie Theatrical Society from 11 - 19 August. Additionally, having trained as a garden designer, Mark writes a monthly DIY column for Kiwi Gardener magazine and creates regular art and DIY projects for Resene's website. 

On top of all this, Mark works part-time as a postie for NZ Post and cares tirelessly for his three cats Matilda (17), Mandy (5) and Ziggy (5)!

Artist spotlight: Louise McRae Posted on 5 Jun 18:36

Seed is pleased to introduce Louise McRae’s most recent works: a series of small and intricate assemblage paintings. In one sense these works are rooted in the experience of looking itself, but they also explore memory and the cyclical nature of matter. Brightly painted fragments of timber jostle for space on a substrate that can't quite contain them. Memories of the past lives of McRae's materials are held within unruly grids, and we see an interplay between what is natural and constructed.

Necessity is the mother of invention and so McRae’s scale has adapted to what can be constructed on a tabletop while she builds a new studio in Pakiri. With an empty paddock as a starting point, the sky really is the limit and the project has taken on grander proportions than McRae ever expected. Inspired by the urban lofts of New York, she fell in love with steel windows and was thrilled when as sole bidder on a trademe auction she was able to purchase a set for $51.

On collecting the windows she discovered that not only had they come from the studio of Paul Dibble 40 years ago, but that the vendor was Warren Viscoe, a sculptor whose work she has admired for many years. So in keeping with McRae’s use of objects and materials with a history of their own, here she acquired some beautiful windows with excellent provenance, met one of her heroes and enjoyed a tour of his home and work.