Seed Styled by Evie Kemp Posted on 1 Jul 09:00

In the first of a series of collaborations we recently invited artist, designer and stylist extraordinaire Evie Kemp to work with a selection of works from our stockroom.

Evie integrates art, books, plants, vases and soft furnishings into sumptuous “more is more” scenes, while her unexpected combinations introduce humour and élan into the environments she curates.

Here she deftly incorporates art (and whimsy!) into a liveable domestic space. Among the artworks she worked with are a new collection of fantastical ceramic figurines by Mark Rayner and a series of colourful striated hoop paintings by Annie Sandano.

Details of all artworks are listed with each image.


Top shelf: Through the square window by Kate Banazi.

Shelf 2: Worried Possum & Smoking Dog by Mark Rayner, Take advantage! & Untitled by Sarah Williams.

Shelf 3: K' Rd by Annie Sandano, Crow 4 by John Appleton, Coneheads by Mark Rayner.

Shelf 4: Crow 10 by John Appleton, Green BearHappy Cat by Mark Rayner, palette two by Sarah Williams.

Mantelpiece: Glamourpuss by Mark Rayner, Table: Butte by Janna van Hasselt

Annie Sandano, Mark Rayner Mark Rayner, Sarah Williams
K' Rd by Annie Sandano, Happy Cat Smoking Dog by Mark Rayner. Glamourpuss by Mark Rayner, Untitled works by Sarah Williams.