Ainsley O'Connell, Zephyr

Ainsley O’Connell’s art practice is concerned with architectural concepts and spatial perception. Her works often incorporate found waste materials overlaid with bright, contrasting colour, drawing attention to the relationships between materials, colours and forms. O’Connell’s Zephyr series takes its name from the Greek god of the west wind. The Zephyr is considered to be the most pleasant of winds; a gentle breeze which can breathe life into inanimate objects, or at the very lease nudge them aslant.

With a background as an architect, O’Connell has been simultaneously practising as a glass artist since 2004. She has been commissioned to make multiple trophies in glass, including the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series winner’s trophy in 2009. O’Connell completed a Master of Fine Arts degree at Elam in 2016.