Belinda Griffiths, Adrift



Working predominantly in inks, acrylics and hand pulled prints, Belinda Griffiths concentrates on mark-making, light, mood and the human form. She is fascinated by the elements of her work which she feels are at the edge of her control; the incidental mark-making that occurs when she is essentially ‘doing something else’. Working in series, Griffiths explores how varying treatments of the medium and movements of the brush can capture different emotional and expressive qualities. She also achieves an interplay between mark and image; her anonymous subjects slowly materialise before our eyes.

Auckland based Griffiths has won numerous awards for her artwork, among them: The Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Award in 2010 and the Estuary Artworks Award in 2013. She was awarded the MAWA artist residency in Winnipeg, Canada in 2014 and the Eden Arts Trust Karekare House Residency in 2019. She was a finalist in the WSA Painting and Printmaking Awards in 2016, Wallace Art Awards in 2017 and the Parkin Drawing Prize in 2021.