Chippy, Point Blank

Chris Hutchinson (aka Chippy) is an Auckland based artist, illustrator, designer and maker. He studied graphic design at AUT where he found a love for illustration, analogue printmaking and self-publishing zines. Chippy’s work is alive with colour and pattern, squiggles and quirky alien creatures. There is a nod to outsider art in his eccentric and playful hand-drawn graphics.

Having worked in the print industry for a number of years, Chippy now spends his time cooking up freelance visual creations at his K' Road based studio, Inky Palms, which he shares with a handful of other creative people. He has worked with a variety of corporate and small-scale brands and has drawn on anything and everything from beverage packaging to posters, and furniture to gallery walls. He has hosted workshops and exhibited widely across New Zealand and Australia.