Evie Kemp, Rooms of one's own



Evie Kemp is an Auckland based artist, illustrator, designer, stylist and entrepreneur, best known for her vibrant prints, bold textile designs and maximalist interiors. Her work often blurs distinctions between art and design, with applications across various products including textiles, ceramics, lampshades and children’s books. Across all disciplines, Kemp’s style is characterised by a love of excess and clashing, high-key colour. Kemp has interpreted the bend in this year’s template as the point where floor meets wall and curated a series of tiny rooms from collaged magazine clippings. These function as both studies in colour and composition, and portraits of their imagined inhabitants.

Kemp emigrated from the UK in her teens and works from her home in South Auckland where she lives with her husband and pets. Her style is exemplified in her home which features art, murals and textiles of her own design. Her home was also the winner of the Living Room award at the NZ House & Garden 2018 Interior of the Year Awards.