Maria Francesca Melis, Welcome Back Home


Maria Francesca Melis is an Auckland based, Italian-born illustrator and graphic designer who grew up on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. Her work is heavily influenced by medical and botanical illustrations. Flora features strongly as both a decorative element, and in her reflections on a childhood spent in close contact with nature and animals. Sardinian decorative art is also important to Melis; her imagery often recalls the ancient embroideries and textures of the traditional textile arts of her island home.

Melis’ Welcome Back Home series represents the joy of returning home after a long time away. Like many people, the pandemic has prevented Melis from going home over the past two years. The ten little, empty wooden pieces immediately reminded her of her home in Sardinia, and of all the things she would like to see and do on her return: eat fresh lemons from her backyard, visit the family chickens for some fresh eggs and enjoy her mother’s beautiful garden.