Lissy Cole, Wheku



Lissy Cole is a husband and wife duo - Lissy Robinson-Cole and Rudi Robinson-Cole - who collaborate on bright and exuberant sculptural crochet art in a variety of scales and contexts. Their works for the Push Play exhibition are crochet reinterpretations of the traditional wheku, a carved depiction of a human face traditionally positioned at the gable of a wharenui.


Rudi and Lissy share a kaupapa of joy to bring art, colour, aroha and happiness to the world around them. Crochet connects them to their purpose and to their past, present and future. With each loop created memories are expressed, relationships with those gone are celebrated, and hopes and dreams for the future are created. All their work is told through a Te ao Māori lens which celebrates and acknowledges their Tupuna. Lissy and Rudi frequently engage in collaborative projects with other artists and run workshops to help connect people throughout their community.