Louise McRae, Ahead of the Curve

In a departure from her better-known wooden assemblage works, Louise McRae has recently been making stacks of imperfect polyhedrons and biomorphic forms in columns or groups. Cubes, spheres and blobs are are chain sawed from wood or cast from concrete. Some elements are painted, others rasped or charred with a flame; the natural characteristics of the materials remain evident. Together they form singularly unmonumental monuments which teeter on the edge of collapse. These works serve as symbols for the tipping points for our social, political, financial and environmental structures which are in similarly precarious states. But McRae recognises that moment of collapse as a moment to embrace; it is, after all where opportunity lies.

McRae’s works for the Ahead of the Curve exhibition incorporate the semicircle template into a series of quirky and tactile mixed media sculptures, all of which threaten to slump or topple.