New Sculpture by Janna van Hasselt, Richard Kearney, Andrea du Chatenier and Ada Leung

10 - 27 February 2016

Janna van Hasselt’s work is characterised by a pleasure in materials and a strong sense of spontaneity, playfulness and humour. Click here to read more about van Hasselt's Being Nice is Easy series.

Richard Kearney creates bizarre and other-worldly sculptures. He works predominantly with polymer clay and high key colour to represent alternate worlds and the creatures that might inhabit them.

Andrea du Chatenier’s Moon-girl figurines are based on the 1960s fashion collections of French designer, André Courrèges; in particular, his highly influential space-race inspired “Moon-girl” collection of 1964. This space-age look matched the ethos of the sixties, with its child-like idealism and its optimism for both space-travel and a better future.

Ada Leung re-contextualises the everyday by manipulating familiar objects and pieces of ephemera and placing them into new, unexpected contexts. Her works are often the result of intense, repetitive and time consuming processes.