Sophie Holt, my village

Sophie Holt appreciates the elemental and timeless quality of clay as a medium for expression. Creating artwork - particularly from clay - is for her an instinctive way to process experiences and thoughts: ’It's in my genes and in my blood - clay makes me feel connected to “home”.’ Her images and sculptures are whimsical and surprising, captivating and sometimes confounding.

Born in Christchurch, Sophie Holt grew up in Utrecht, The Netherlands and has lived in NZ for the past 11 years. She is a third-generation ceramicist, having learned from her grandparents and her mother, acclaimed Dutch artist Lot Brandt. Brandt recently travelled to NZ to spend the better part of a year collaborating with Holt on a series of sculptures for exhibition. Holt currently works from her home studio in Motueka.