Trevor Parker, Retrology

Trevor Parker works predominantly with large-scale three-dimensional constructions that investigate scientific or philosophical concepts. His works for In Good Shape respond directly to the Reuleaux triangle template, which is similar to a circle in that it that has a constant width. Leonardo da Vinci used the shape to depict the map of the world by peeling back the surface of a sphere into 8 Reuleaux shaped parts. Parker’s works are also inspired by the "Persuasive Percussion" series of album covers produced by Josef Albers for Command Records from 1959-61. Parker’s three-dimensional constructions reverse the process used by da Vinci, being three dimensional responses to Albers’ offset lithography.

Originally from the UK and having lived and worked in New Zealand between 2012 and 2017, Trevor Parker has recently moved to Scotland. Parker studied Sculpture at Glasgow School of Art and completed his MFA at Edinburgh College of Art on the Art, Space and Nature program, a course that promoted collaborations between visual artists, architects and landscape artists.