Kylie Rusk, Tuhua (Mayor Island)

Originally from Hukerenui, a small country settlement north of Whangarei and now living in the seaside town of Muriwai, Kylie Rusk feels a strong connection with the land and sea. She travels along New Zealand’s shorelines, documenting scenes which she then reproduces in lithographic print and paint the studio. Her works are imbued with a sense of quiet isolation and capture the untamed grandeur of New Zealand’s scenery. Her paintings for the Point Blank exhibition represent a series of views of Tuhua Island, a dormant volcano and rugged wildlife sanctuary located off the Bay of Plenty Coast.

Rusk graduated with a conjoint Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Auckland in 2005 and has since worked simultaneously as an artist and a geographical surveyor. She has exhibited her paintings and stone lithographs throughout New Zealand since 2005.