Nuala Gregory and Diane Brand, Dangles

Designer, Diane Brand and artist Nuala Gregory have come together to create a series of composite wearable pieces. For each piece, the plywood reuleaux-triangle was cut into discrete shapes, coloured and combined with ‘second-life’ beads and additional materials, many of which were sourced from local charity shops. The artists’ aim in designing these works was to marry aesthetic appeal with a concern for a cleaner, greener, more ethical society. They also suggest a child-like sense of colour and play in keeping with what KidsCan are achieving in their wonderful work. With support, we will continue to use artistic means to promote better designs for sustainable living.

Originally from Ireland and now a New Zealand resident and Associate Professor at the University of Auckland, Gregory’s work has been exhibited in Ireland, the USA, New Zealand, Mexico, China and Japan. With a background in Architecture, Professor Diane Brand is Dean of Creative Arts and Industries at the University of Auckland.