Numangatini Fraser Mackenzie, mixing moana



Numangatini Fraser Mackenzie is a Moana multi media artist. He is a visual storyteller, reimagining traditional patterns through a contemporary lens to celebrate modern Polynesia in block print and large-scale murals. He engages with museum collections and collaborates with living practitioners of art forms ranging from tatau, painting and spoken word to voyaging/navigation and street art. He is also involved in cultural heritage projects, performative acti.VA.tions, research and community development across Te Moana Nui a Kiva (The Pacific).

Mackenzie was born in Canada. A strong desire to connect with his culture and heritage prompted him to move to the Cook Islands in 2009. Here he was able to grow family ties and to deepen his understanding of traditional cultural arts through tapa, tatau and voyaging. This led him to Tāmakai Makaurau Auckland where he now lives with his wife and children. Moving to Aotearoa has given him a greater appreciation to the multi layered Moana experience through the diverse communities represented in Aotearoa.